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Job Interviews Audiobook
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Job Interviews Audiobook



by Carven Miles

  • Narrated by: Peter Prova
  • Length: 3 hrs and 16 mins
  • Release date: 12-06-19
  • Language: English

Looking for work but just can’t seem to get past those dreaded interviews? Not sure how to answer the interviewers’ questions so that you can land the job? Wish you knew how to cater your answers to best match what the interviewer is looking for? Tired of leaving an interview feeling like a failure? 

Interviews are scrutinizing, to say the least. From your body language to your handshake and the moments you take to pause between answers – everything is closely monitored and assessed. And it is all for a good reason. A company needs to ensure that it is hiring an asset and not a liability. 

This book, Job Interviews: Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Nail Job Interviews, is designed to turn you into the asset any reputable company would love to have on its team. I cover the ins and outs of job interviews like no other! The book is broken down into two main sections. 

The first one focuses on preparations before the interview and all the research and self-assessment required to increase your chances of landing the job even before the first question is asked! The second section focuses on all the important questions, the objectives behind them, and tips and tactics for confidently answering them. 

Whether you have been on a five-year break from work or recently been fired, this information-packed book has gotten all the complex questions covered. This audiobook includes essential information on how to land a job by providing concise and impressive answers that will win the recruiters over. 

Job interviews are structured to confuse and intimidate employees. However, by understanding your recruiters’ mind-set and objectives, you can bounce the ball back in your court and provide relevant answers that ring honest and ambitious. 

In order to achieve honesty and ambitiousness, we have dedicated a section to understanding your ambitions and goals so that you’ll be able to convey that information with conviction and truthfulness. If all the scattered and baseless information that you have scoured through on the internet has not been able to land you a job, know that this is the only book on job interviews you’ll ever need to listen to! It is an easy listen with a treasure trove of useful information on how to get through a job interview with flying colors.

Want to land your dream job? What are waiting for? Click the “buy now” button and learn all the inside tips and tricks to be a success at job interviews.

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Carven Miles




3 hrs and 16 mins

Narrated by

Peter Prova

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