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Italian Vocabulary Builder: Resilient Learning Method Audiobook
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Italian Vocabulary Builder: Resilient Learning Method Audiobook



by Manuel Maria Di Gioia

  • Narrated by: Andrea Locorotondo
  • Length: 10 hrs and 28 mins
  • Release date: 12-10-19
  • Language: English


Are you a beginner who wants to learn Italian? Or are you looking for a way to improve your vocabulary?

My name is Manuel di Gioia, I am Italian, and I introduce you to the Resilient Learning Method.

In psychology, resilience is man’s ability to face life’s adversities, to overcome them and to emerge from them strengthened and even positively transformed.

With the Resilient Learning Method, resilience is the ability of a child to learn new words and to be able to compose new sentences.

When a child is born, he or she does not know the language or the laws that govern it.

  • No grammatical basis.
  • A vocabulary composed of blank and empty pages.

Yet, in a short time, a child begins to learn a language unknown to him.

  • Word after word.
  • Phrase after phrase.

A child, with knowledge of the basic phrases and an adequate number of words, is able to modify and combine them. What are the two things that happen at the beginning when the child starts experimenting?

  • The child starts to understand any sentence very well, even those that have a new logical construct.
  • The child begins to express himself and, despite many understandable mistakes, still manages to make himself understood.

These are the two results I want you to achieve with this book.

All this is possible because man is naturally inclined to face the difficulties of life and to overcome them thanks to experience and commitment.A child, after each sentence heard, comes out stronger than before, with a new word or a new sequence of words. 

With the Resilient Method I have not invented anything new and in this book I present to you what is already under the eyes of all. The only difference, compared to a child, is that an adult is able to read and consequently to take advantage of visual memory.

Do you want to learn Italian?

Forget the difficult grammar rules or the many verbal conjugations.

The main grammatical and logical rules (even if unconsciously and not perfectly, as it happens for children) will be learned as you listen to the phrases in this book and that will serve to create a good foundation and a discreet vocabulary.

Learning to speak Italian in a perfect and fluent way cannot be done in a few days or even in a few years.

Too hard. I’m telling you, as an Italian.

But it is possible in a short time to understand this beautiful language and also to be understood.

You just need to approach Italian as a child.

Here are the three steps I propose in this book:

  • Basic rules
  • More than 1000 sentences divided by topic with more than 5000 words, more than enough to communicate in a simple way
  • Finally 10 short stories composed only of words present in the book

If you read all the pages of the book carefully you will see that you can read these short final stories without having to resort too much to a dictionary.

In the Kindle version of this book there is also a Photo Game Bonus.

I’m gonna ask you the question again.

Do you want to learn Italian or improve your vocabulary?

Buy your book today!

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Manuel Maria Di Gioia




10 hrs and 28 mins

Narrated by

Andrea Locorotondo

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