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Investment Atlas II Audiobook
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Investment Atlas II Audiobook



by Ken Winans

  • Narrated by: Steve Corona
  • Length: 4 hrs and 11 mins
  • Release date: 07-24-20
  • Language: English

Award-winning book applies history to the art and science of investing

Financial expert hones in on 1929, 1973, and 2008; helps listeners understand how to profit from investment history while avoiding predictable pitfalls.  

Renowned author and investment management entrepreneur Kenneth G. Winans, a pioneer in the development of important financial indices and technical indicators, has made timely market forecasts in a variety of economic conditions since 1991. 

In his acclaimed new book Investment Atlas II: Using History as a Financial Tool, Winans shows listeners how to become profitable users of investment history rather than future victims of it. Just as travelers use a road atlas to learn about their destination and prevent the embarrassing and costly act of getting lost, Winans encourages investors to learn from history in order to successfully tackle the age-old challenges inherent in profitable investing. 

An artistic and colorful reference book, Investment Atlas II offers useful information about the performance and characteristics of stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, and collectibles since the 1800s. Winans examines past bull and bear markets within the various investment groups to show how they differ as well as the tools investors can use to navigate the changes in long-term trends. 

Investment Atlas II also reviews the at times surprising reactions of investors to both triumphant and catastrophic historical events, including wars, peacetime achievements, natural and man-made disasters, and government actions, including interest rates, taxes, and regulations. 

As proof of the success of historically based market analysis, Winans notes that many of the time-tested research tools he presents in Investment Atlas performed brilliantly, signaling the new bear market that arrived in January of 2009 in stocks, bonds, and real estate as well as the new bull market in common and preferred stocks that arrived in April of 2009.  

Investment Atlas II updates Winans’ past research and presents several new market indices, such as Winans-GFD International Housing Index and the Winans Legacy Stock Index. The author explains that these valuable tools add insight into global real estate markets, offer new ways for calculating stock market valuations, and reveal improved benchmarks for portfolio management. 

Investment Atlas II is the recipient of the 2016 Beverly Hills Book Awards (winner in the US History category and finalist in the Coffee Table Book category) and the Next Generation Indie Book Awards (winner in the Finance category and finalist in the History, Business, Best Overall Design, and Coffee Table Book categories). 

Winans comments, “Very few people seriously apply long-term history to the art and science of investing. With stocks, bonds, and housing at record highs, it seems like a good time to revalidate the importance of using financial history within the investment process.”

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Ken Winans




4 hrs and 11 mins

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