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Investing Megatrends 2020 Audiobook
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Investing Megatrends 2020 Audiobook



by Everyman Investing

  • Narrated by: Zachary Zaba
  • Length: 5 hrs and 42 mins
  • Release date: 08-15-19
  • Language: English


Are you frustrated by TV’s financial “pied pipers” whose stock tips always fall short of what they promised? Are you tired of expensive investment newsletters which cost thousands of dollars to subscribe to…and only leave you disappointed year after year? If so, then keep listening.

Because sometimes all you want…is a good investing idea. Not a 45-minute video which teases the idea, and then forces you to hand over $3,000 for the privilege of hearing it.

Here’s the deal.

All it takes is one or two good investing ideas to fund your retirement. Because, contrary to what most financial hacks will tell you, you don’t need to hit the jackpot with every stock you buy. And you only need a couple of 10-baggers to pay you for the rest of your life. So, just two or three monsters from this list of 2019’s 101 highest potential growth stocks are enough to eliminate your money worries forever.

Which is what we’re here to do at Everyman Investing.

We put good ideas in plain English, and allow you to access them for less than the cost of a single large pizza. So, you can make the most from historical “safe bets” like utility companies and precious metals…get insider knowledge on high growth sectors like marijuana stocks, 5G, and biotech…or find “backdoor” ways (usually only available to well-connected guys on Wall Street) to profit from blue chip stocks….

Here’s just a small fraction of the stocks covered inside:

  • Insiders are buying up this small multimedia company’s stock; find out why it’s set for explosive growth over the next 12 months
  • This company was just added to Goldman Sachs’ “must own” list – act fast, and you could make an easy 50 percent this year
  • How to give your portfolio “fortress-like” protection against all enemies of your current and future wealth. The number one rule of growing wealth is to keep what you already have. Find out how to do just that inside.
  • A company is disrupting the home security space and was rated one of the top three stocks under $20 by leading investment site, The Motley Fool
  • A biotech company which has the best dividend yield of them all…yet you won’t find mainstream financial reporters covering it
  • A company once considered “taboo” by the mainstream. Most investors are too embarrassed to own it, and yet those who do are getting richer by the day
  • A Chinese stock (listed on US markets) which may be even bigger than Google in the next three years (and you can pick it up at a discount today)
  • This restaurant chain underperformed in 2018, find out what’s changed and why it’s now a firm buy

All of these have been carefully chosen based on advice from top Wall Street analysts…hedge fund owners (some of whom have returned over 3,000 percent in the past 20 years)…and industry experts across nearly every sector imaginable.

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5 hrs and 42 mins

Narrated by

Zachary Zaba

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