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Insert Token Audiobook

Insert Token Audiobook


by Julian Michael

  • Narrated by: Julian Michael
  • Length: 50 mins
  • Release date: 04-11-18
  • Language: English

Julian Michael is refreshingly not serious. His straightforward, true-to-life stories are riddled with playful left turns. Insert Token, Julian’s audio album release, delights in a natural, amusing tension, between actualized identity and ironic self-awareness. Julian is personal and revelatory until he isn’t, sarcastic and silly until he’s serious.

Insert Token is a trip. Some jokes race towards you like a game of chicken, before bowling you over with pure audacity. Other jokes feel familiar, like you can see where they’re going from a mile away, only to blindside with hilarity. Julian provides a journey, a variety of moods, ideas, and emotions, just as great comedy can and should.

Do not underestimate Julian Michael. A self-proclaimed “double minority”, the black and gay comedian is valuable, accessible, novel, just like, well, a token. Insert Token is immensely charming and conversational, direct and inviting. The recorded crowd responds in kind. It’s fun to hear the audience so locked in. They chirp and exclaim throughout, reacting to well-crafted ebbs and flows.

You can tell the comic respects your intelligence but isn’t trying to go over your head. Julian is equally smart as hell and down to earth, provocative without pushing away. Insert Token invites you in, makes sure you’re having a good time before inserting something outrageous. A black, gay comedian with an attitude problem, Julian Michael is a minority among minorities. His life calling is to make people laugh until they think. Julian uses his platform to subvert stereotypes, inspire others, and to give his audience a break from the status quo. His role models include shit-kickers like Dave Chappelle, Paul Mooney, and Hannibal Burress.

With a laid-back style highlighting his California roots (emphasis on high), Julian delivers unfiltered commentary about anyone and everyone around him. “I entered college certain I was going to be a Baptist minister. But somewhere along the way I discovered I loved the stage more than the pulpit. It took me a long time to fully commit to pursuing my passions.”

In 2016 Julian left his comfort zone and a near-decade-long career in education to pursue his passion for entertainment full time. In a very short time Julian’s #Token brand has taken on a life of its own. He is a World Series of Comedy finalist and “The Mayhem and Token Show”, with Tilo Murray, lead singer of the early 2000s rock supergroup Methods of Mayhem, has over 100,000 weekly listeners on Dash Radio. It is talk radio’s most unpredictable weekly experience!

Who is Julian Michael? “I am a comedian, radio host, writer, speaker, creative thinker, ordained minister, and problem solver. Very little of that fits on a business card. That’s why you can call me ‘Token’.”

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