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Improve Your Social Skills Audiobook

Improve Your Social Skills Audiobook


by Nils Damon

  • Narrated by: Brandon Ison
  • Length: 3 hrs
  • Release date: 08-24-19
  • Language: English

Everyone aspires to live a life that is fulfilling. This is through building meaningful relationships and enjoying the benefits that the environment around them offers. This requires someone who has mastered the art of socializing and that has various skills which people have to acquire.

Some of the socializing skills are natural and inherent in our nature as humans. Others, however, have to be learned and acquired through practice. Some people are unable to draw on their social skills and interact well with other people within their environs.

This audiobook looks at the way people have to interact with others by practicing various social skills. These skills are sometimes lacking in certain people while other people have certain limitations in their personalities that render them unable to interact.

Social skills entail learning how to start and sustain conversations. There are people that we often meet and since we do not know how to create conversations, the moments we encounter them are cold and sometimes awkward. This audiobook addresses some of the awkward moments in the process of socializing and interactions. By listening to the audiobook, you realize why the interaction has awkward moments and how our lack of certain attributes to facilitate interaction contributes to these moments.

Steps are highlighted and well elaborated on how to ensure that we are able to trigger our social skills in interacting with others. Those who have been having difficulty with keeping communications going for long will benefit from this audiobook as they will realize being sociable and enjoying being in social situations does not require you to have any special gifts.

There is a section dedicated to highlighting the use of body language. This is because someone usually sends signals before they can even talk to us verbally. Inability to read people’s signals through their body language can make us be irrelevant when we approach people.

The audiobook also focuses on how to make friends. This s particularly for those who have problems with initiating friendship. This book takes a dig into how people can interact in a way that can cultivate mutual friendship. The steps and skills that have to be exercised to this end are well elaborated to show you that making friends does not require someone who is talented at it. Everyone can make friendships if they follow the steps and start to exercise the skills discussed in this book.

The issue of social anxiety and shyness is also addressed. This is for those who have strong fear for situations that require them to speak before people or interact with others. Steps to overcome the fear and develop courage and esteem are highlighted to make it possible for anyone to overcome the limitation.

The way to apply these skills to dating circumstances as well has been given out. This is as a way to help people be able to develop relationships and learn how to build intimacy. Skills of keeping a relationship going are described in a clear way in this book.

If you are seeking to improve your social skills, you have to read this book. It evokes self-reflection, creates a need for action and opens the gateways of possibility in social interactions.

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Nils Damon

Narrated by

Brandon Ison


3 hrs

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