Improve Your Social Skills Audiobook By Charles Covey, Dale Manson cover art
Improve Your Social Skills Audiobook

Improve Your Social Skills Audiobook


by Charles Covey

  • Narrated by: Cliff Weldon
  • Length: 1 hr and 31 mins
  • Release date: 03-27-19
  • Language: English

In Improve Your Social Skills: A Practical Guide to Stop Anxiety, Build Self-Esteem (Love Yourself), Be Quiet with Nonviolent Communication, and How to Really Be an Empath by Saying No When It’s Needed, the author gives explicit instructions and different ways to create a better you and with that, a better way of life for yourself. 

Starting from the beginning, we will learn about negativity and why it is the worst possible enemy you can encounter on your journey to a better lifestyle. You will see how anxiety can be used as a tool to allow you to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. You will see how negative thoughts will 

  • Cause a distortion of reality 
  • Lead to negative feelings 
  • Cause physical ailments 
  • Become your worst enemy 
  • Ruin your life 

But once we learn how to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts, we can learn how to get to that way of thinking. There are certain rituals and roles that can be followed and should be followed daily to increase our sense of self-worth and give us a better sense of self-esteem. These are outlined in this audiobook. We will learn what the law of attraction really is and how to use it to your best advantage.

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Charles Covey, Dale Manson




1 hr and 31 mins

Narrated by

Cliff Weldon

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