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I’m Not Dead Yet Audiobook

I’m Not Dead Yet Audiobook


by Joey Lott

  • Narrated by: Joey Lott
  • Length: 38 mins
  • Release date: 11-02-15
  • Language: English

Have you suffered from chronic illness?

If you or a loved one have ever suffered from a chronic illness, you know what a painful and debilitating experience it can be. You know the emotional toll it can take and the hopelessness it can cause.

What if there was a way to take the experience of chronic illness and turn it into something positive? What if your pain and suffering could actually lead you to a greater sense of peace and freedom?

Turn the tables!

In I’m Not Dead Yet, Joey Lott explains the way in which any one of us can take the painful experience of chronic illness and, within it, discover an incredible gift that can free us from all of the anxiety and fear and hopelessness of the past. In learning to both face up to and accept whatever experience, however horrible, comes our way, we can find a true freedom and peace inside our hearts. Without the resistance to experiences, we are free to live an unburdened life with all the myriad of benefits it entails.

Find the transformative gift in chronic illness

So, how does it work?

“…facing what we have tried to avoid is absolutely terrifying. Because it feels as though it will kill us. For these reasons, having someone to guide us through this opportunity, to lead us to the gift that is here already in our hearts, is often tremendously helpful.”

Let Joey Lott be your guide. In I’m Not Dead Yet, he will show you that you’re not alone, and you’re not as you’ve imagined yourself to be. Let him guide you today through the simple but effective process of letting go that will introduce you to complete freedom.

“The gift is the discovery of yourself as you truly are, which is freedom itself. You are the infinite capacity to welcome everything, including what you most fear.”

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38 mins

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Joey Lott

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