I Eat Men Like Air Audiobook
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I Eat Men Like Air Audiobook

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by Alice Berman

  • Narrated by: Elizabeth Evans
  • Length: 13 hrs and 59 mins
  • Release date: 09-26-19
  • Language: English


A lavish, debauched weekend to celebrate an upcoming wedding devolves into a murder scene.

With the snow falling fast on a New Hampshire mansion, seven 20-somethings gather for a weekend that will change their lives irrevocably. The extravagant trip to celebrate Will and Jessica’s upcoming nuptials brings together a cast of characters who know each other from Ivy League schools and childhood Upper East Side haunts.

There is Lulu, an LA-based Instagram influencer; Maxie, a former Park Avenue princess, now Midwestern housewife; Yael, an ER doctor from Ohio; Rob, a colorless Wall Street trader; Will, a morality-obsessed lawyer; Jessica, Will’s perfectionist bride-to-be; and Alex Sable, a lawless pleasure-seeker with refined tastes. Alex, son of a billionaire hedge-fund scion, was the sole witness against his classmate in a serial rape trial 15 years ago, the notoriety of which follows Alex everywhere.

By Will and Jessica’s wedding day, four months later, Alex Sable would be dead—in that same house, in a bathtub filled with his blood.

Can Tyler Carroll, a well-known podcast reporter determined to pry his way into their closed-door world, sift through the secrets that connect the seven in a web? As Tyler attempts to find the truth behind the months leading up to Alex Sable’s dramatic death, he follows the bridal party, whose lives have spiraled in wildly different directions, bringing them to a fateful night.

The narration by Elizabeth Evans pushes the tangled tale forward as she gracefully performs multiple characters, creating a clear picture of chaos and emotion.

Told in dual time lines, the months leading up to the wedding and the investigation thereafter, I Eat Men Like Air is a riveting look at the unraveling of a friend group punctured by violence and a chilling depiction of the rage that festers when it’s kept secret.

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Alice Berman

Narrated by

Elizabeth Evans


13 hrs and 59 mins

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