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Hunter Audiobook
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Hunter Audiobook



by Emmy Chandler

  • Narrated by: Jillian Macie
  • Length: 8 hrs and 39 mins
  • Release date: 11-27-18
  • Language: English

Recaptured during her escape from zone four, Maci Bishop wakes up in the mysterious, heavily fortified zone two, where wealthy citizens come to sate sordid, homicidal appetites by hunting death row inmates in a wooded enclosure. Live on camera, for spectators watching from the Resort. 

Maci is rented as a plaything for a guest at the Resort, but when she kills her first customer in self-defense, her life sentence quickly becomes a death sentence. To teach the other women a lesson, the warden throws Maci into the enclosure, to be hunted alongside a vicious death row inmate named Callum.   

Though at first he believes the beautiful, half-naked woman is bait intended to lure him out, Callum saves Maci from a brutal death. As they fight their way through the enclosure, taking on hunters, guards, and ruthless robotic hounds, he falls hard for the tiny, clever hellcat and discovers she may just have the skills to get them both out of the enclosure alive. 

But Maci won’t abandon the other women to pay for her escape. Not again. She won’t be satisfied until she shuts down the entire Resort: clients, guards, hounds, and all. And there’s no way in hell Callum will let her walk into the lion’s den alone….

Contains mature themes.

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Emmy Chandler

Narrated by

Aiden Snow, Jillian Macie


8 hrs and 39 mins


Prison Planet Series, Book 2

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