How to Text Women: What to Say to a Girl to Win Her Heart audiobook cover art
How to Text Women: What to Say to a Girl to Win Her Heart Audiobook

How to Text Women: What to Say to a Girl to Win Her Heart Audiobook


by Chris Charm

  • Narrated by: Doug Greene
  • Length: 2 hrs and 43 mins
  • Release date: 10-03-19
  • Language: English

Ever wondered what is the first message you should send a woman, how to ask a girl out over text, or how to text a girl you haven’t talked to in a while? If so, this audiobook is for you!

This book is a guide for men to lead them to be successful in the way they deal with texting as a platform for reaching out to women. A lot of men struggle with the process of texting a woman and do not convey the right message to the girl for her to be intrigued or interested enough. It recognizes the fact that seduction is an art that has to be learned and takes some practicing to build confidence and understand the thought patterns of a woman requires some learning and training. This is the idea behind putting this book together.

The audiobook is essential for a lot of men who just do not know how to start a conversation with women. If they do start conversations, they do not know how to steer the course of the conversation in order to come out impressive to the girl. It will show that any man can achieve effective communication if he can just acquire the right mind-set and understand how to present a pleasing personality to a woman.

It could be that some men do not understand how women think and how they react to certain messages. This book helps men peer into the world of being a woman to know how they can be evoked to gain attraction towards a man.

You will no longer have to fear about what the girl will say or react when you say something to her. You can already predict her reaction when you tell her this or that. You will, therefore, be more composed as you will not have a lot of shocks from the girls as before.

You have been wondering why you get a lot of rejections. It has gotten frustrating for you if a girl does not respond to your text. Sometimes, you meet a girl, and she is excited, but she simply doesn’t seems interested when you follow up through text. It is time you find the explanation for that.

The book discusses the mind-set that can make a man successful with socialization. You will learn how to be socially intelligent in order to be perceptive about how a woman wants you to say to her in order to make her tick. It also discusses the strategies of using small talk. It guides you on how to transition small talk into a deeper engagement and a catching conversation. 

Here, you will learn how your approach has been making you fail. This is through discussing the direct and indirect approach to text. There is also a section dedicated to texting women online which is quite a common phenomenon today. Various texting cases are also discussed and a guide on how to get a woman out on a date is elaborated with examples.

From this book, you will learn what has been holding you back in terms of how you text girls. You have to learn the way to ensure that you demonstrate perceptiveness. Listen to the audiobook with an awareness of the limitations that usually holds you back. Understand that what is presented in this book is not a template that applies in all circumstances. However, the book has a lot that will apply to all texting situations, including yours.

If you want to be more confident texting a woman, buy this audiobook, and start texting away!

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Chris Charm

Narrated by

Doug Greene


2 hrs and 43 mins

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