How to Stop Addictions Audiobook By Anthony Ekanem cover art
How to Stop Addictions Audiobook

How to Stop Addictions Audiobook


by Anthony Ekanem

  • Narrated by: Alicia Rose
  • Length: 33 mins
  • Release date: 09-17-15
  • Language: English

Addictions are things you need to deal with right away, or else you’ll end up being eaten by your bad habits; and when you want to get out of their strong hold, you can no longer do anything because it is already too late. For you to effectively stop your addictions, the most important thing you have to do before anything else is to learn what addiction really is. By doing this, it’ll be easier for you to determine if what you are experiencing right now is truly an addiction or just a simple inclination to do things.

By definition, addiction is a kind of condition that takes place when a person ingests a certain substance (e.g. cocaine, alcohol, nicotine) or engages in a particular activity (e.g. shopping, gambling, sex) that can give pleasure; but the continued use or act of which can become compulsive and interfere with one’s ordinary responsibilities in life, such as health, work, or relationships. Users are usually not aware that their behavior is out of control and is starting to cause problems for themselves and the people around them.

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Anthony Ekanem




33 mins

Narrated by

Alicia Rose

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