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How to Not Be Jealous Audiobook

How to Not Be Jealous Audiobook


by Stanley Steel

  • Narrated by: Jordy Christo
  • Length: 44 mins
  • Release date: 02-18-15
  • Language: English


Do you want to know how not to be jealous of your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse? I can teach you how to deal with and overcome the relationship jealousy that seems to be controlling your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

What Customers Are Saying about This Book on Amazon:

Lindsy – So Tired of Being Jealous – This Book Helped

“I am amazed at how quickly I started feeling better as I was reading this book. It’s a short read but packed with excellent information about jealousy. I started implementing some of the tips on how to stop being jealous right away and felt relief from the negative feelings I’ve been dealing with for the past two weeks. I’ve been so afraid of losing my partner that I’ve been pushing too hard in the relationship. This book helped me see how I need to back off. This book has inspired hope for change within me. I am glad I found this Kindle book about jealousy. This is an excellent read and well worth the little that it costs.”

Jamie – Helped Me Overcome My Jealousy

“This book really breaks down the reasons for possibly being jealous of your partner. That horrible emotion, often times a creature that wells up against our will, is something that needs to be tamed if any relationship is to survive. I know I had to. My relationship was too important for me to destroy through my jealousy. This book helped me realize the roots of that emotion inside myself and heal it. It’s a short book, but it gives the information with no fluff. All meat. Great book. Can’t recommend it enough!”

Stephanie – Keeping Jealousy Away

“I love the advice given in this guide. While I don’t suffer from jealously too often, this guide just has some seriously good advice on how to keep your cool and deal with the people around you. You can give this advice to others in times of tension and come out looking like a bit of a hero!”

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Stanley Steel




44 mins

Narrated by

Jordy Christo

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