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How to Improve Teens and Parents Relationships Audiobook
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How to Improve Teens and Parents Relationships Audiobook



by Jason Ryder

  • Narrated by: Theresa Stephens
  • Length: 3 hrs and 2 mins
  • Release date: 10-24-19
  • Language: English


You’re worried about raising your kids, and you haven’t found the right solution?
You have the impression that you don’t understand your teenage children, and you don’t know why? 
You worry about their future, but you don’t know which way to go? 

Raising a teenager can be a handful for any parent, however good we are with our children. As the children get in their teenage years, it is a tug of war, and parents are constantly worried about what might become of their children. If you find yourself dealing with these struggles, then How to improve teens and parents relationships will help you. Teenage children, especially boys and girls aged 13-17, grow up quickly from week to week. They are likely to “challenge” adults, and understand and discover more about the world around them. And this reaction often leads parents to despair and the feeling of losing control over their teenage children. This book will also prove to be of great benefit to parents with toddlers in educating them on how to raise their children right from the womb to avoid conflicts in their behavior at the teenage stage of growth.

The teenage years are a very sensitive stage of growth, and it is inevitable for every parent to raise their children through it. Adolescents face challenges relating to their physical appearance, cognition, and emotions. Most parents are always in conflict with teenagers; whereby, some find it difficult handling their own children. However, it doesn’t have to be so difficult for you. This book will give you all the information you require regarding the relationship struggles you experience in helping you go through the teenage stage with your children and emerging with a responsible adult.

Among the issues addressed in the book are:

  • The problems teenagers face as they develop into adults that make them act as they do in terms of rebellions and other extreme behaviors. Such issues are self-esteem, the divorce of parents, among others, and how to parent your teenage child through the conflicts.
  • How and why the relationship changes as a child go into teenage. It also defines how you could restore the close relationship you once shared with your child.
  • The challenges that teenagers encounter ranging for health issues, obesity, eating disorders, bullying, and academic-related problems among other and the role a parent should play in helping the child not to lose themselves along the way.
  • The different parenting techniques and what is recommended by psychologists as the best way to parent a child. Through listening to this book, you will come face to face with what you have been doing wrong as a parent.
  • How to deal with issues of indiscipline in your child along with dos and don’ts. 
  • How to help your child in a path of faith and finding their own spirituality
  • The social media in relation to teenage development: How the parent can control their children from being adversely affected by social media. The issue of cyberbullying is looked into in-depth. How the parent can help the child from being bullied.

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Jason Ryder




3 hrs and 2 mins

Narrated by

Theresa Stephens

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