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How to Get Promoted Audiobook

How to Get Promoted Audiobook


by Anthony S. Park

  • Narrated by: Andrew S. Baldwin
  • Length: 2 hrs and 8 mins
  • Release date: 05-11-20
  • Language: English

Why do some folks die richer than others?

As a professional executor (someone who helps settle the estate of a person who has died), I’ve seen hundreds of final net worth. More importantly, I’ve seen which financial choices and habits seem to be linked to higher net worth – things such as owning your own business and compound investing (both of which I’ll write about in other books).

But the financial game-changer that’s the most accessible to the most people? Maximizing your career earnings from your nine-to-five job. You’ve probably heard some of the latest trends for making more money: Start a side hustle. Buy bitcoin. Become an influencer (selfie).

But the easiest “life hack” – the money that’s just sitting on the table, waiting for you to pick it up – is to get promoted at work, and to get paid what you deserve. And it seems like we all know it.

Forty percent of US employees believe they are underpaid, and 75 percent of gen Z workers believe they should be promoted in their first year.

So, what’s the problem?

Well, too many of us fumble about when asking for a promotion. Or, worse yet, we never ask, at all. And it’s easy to understand why. We spend time improving our skills and trying to do our best at our jobs. But very few of us receive any counseling, mentoring, or education on how to manage our own career advancement.

This easy-to-listen Amazon best-selling guide answers all the questions about getting promoted. 

  • What does a promotion mean for your career? 
  • Can you get a raise without a promotion? 
  • Why is getting promoted important? 
  • Why is being great at your job essential? 
  • How do you show you’re ready to move up? 
  • How to get noticed at work?
  • Does your boss know you want a promotion? 
  • How long should it take to get promoted? 
  • How to ask for the promotion and who to ask 
  • What happens after you ask for a promotion?
  • Is asking for your promotion a one-off question or a campaign?

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Anthony S. Park




2 hrs and 8 mins

Narrated by

Andrew S. Baldwin

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