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How to Fix Your Credit Audiobook
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How to Fix Your Credit Audiobook

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by Ruben Hanson

  • Narrated by: Geoffrey Boyes
  • Length: 3 hrs and 9 mins
  • Release date: 02-20-20
  • Language: English

Your creditworthiness determines a lot about your life achievements. Bad credit has been the nightmare of many individuals and businesses with big dreams but without the funds to drive them. Would you blame the loan firm or financial institution for refusing you a loan if you have a poor history of loan repayment? Would you blame your employer for refusing you an advance payment or a landlord for refusing to let out an apartment to you if your credit score is less than average? Surely not!

Your low credit score is the basis for your constant rejections. Having encountered this book, the solution to your poor credit is not far from you. How to Fix Your Credit: Raising Your Credit Score from Poor to Excellent is a detailed self-explanatory book aimed at guiding you through the process of fixing your credit score by yourself. 

In this audiobook, you will learn:

  • All you need to know about credit
  • The basics of credit reports and credit score
  • Ways how credit bureaus calculate your credit score
  • Factors that reduce your credit score
  • Meaning of having a good credit score
  • Viable strategies for boosting your credit score from low to excellent within a few weeks
  • Ways to write a working dispute letter
  • Steps to differentiate between bad debts and good debts
  • Myths about credit score and credit reports you should unlearn
  • Steps to file for bankruptcy if you must
  • The truths about credit counselling and credit repair companies
  • And lots more!

Credit fixing is not rocket science. If an expert can fix your credit score for you, you can do it yourself, too. All you need is the right set of tools and necessary know-how to maneuver your way around credit fixing. On the other hand, however, it is not magic. Do not expect to have your credit fixed overnight. There is never a trustworthy solution that works that way. In as much as you are willing to religiously follow through the recommended ideas, steps, and practices, you will find the effects on your credit score when next you check in about three to four weeks.

Directed to every business firm and every individual, this book is divided into nine powerful and relatable topics, which are carefully prepared and arranged to see you grow your credit score from low to excellent, essentially without a credit repair company or expert. You can do it yourself! 

If you are fed up of dreaming for a better life, but being continually deprived of it because of your poor credit score, the solution to your problems lies in your decision to buy this audiobook, not in the hands of credit repair firms or the so-called experts. In the same vein, if you are already on a good or fair credit score, and you are looking out for ways to maintain your excellent score, you will find the mistakes to watch out. Make the decision to change your life today. 

Buy the audiobook now to enjoy all the tested and proven DIY ideas suggested in this book.

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Ruben Hanson




3 hrs and 9 mins

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