How to Attain High Income Skills Without a College Education Audiobook By Dr. Harrison Sachs cover art
How to Attain High Income Skills Without a College Education Audiobook

How to Attain High Income Skills Without a College Education Audiobook


by Dr. Harrison Sachs

  • Narrated by: Bill Conway
  • Length: 1 hr and 21 mins
  • Release date: 09-27-19
  • Language: English

This essay sheds light on how to attain high-income skills without a college education and elucidates the importance of mastering high-income skills, such as copywriting and programming. Moreover, how to earn a six-figure income without spending any money to acquire these high-income skills is delineated in this essay.

In the digital era, it is more viable than anytime in history to attain high-income skills, even if you lack the requisite financial resources to afford a college education. It is incumbent to attain high-income skills if you plan on providing substantial marketplace value to clients by creating a lucrative niche brand. Attaining high-income skills can also be salient if you plan on building a professional reputation and sizable clientele so that you can command a lofty salary.

Some of the ample high-income skills that do not mandate any degrees nor certifications encompass high-ticket closing, copywriting, paid speaking, consulting, coaching, programming, and digital marketing skills. Attaining these high-income skills goes beyond simply watching hundreds of tutorial videos on YouTube and reading insightful ebooks appertaining to mastering these high-income skills. It also involves capitalizing on opportunities to practice these high-income skills, listening to audiobooks appertaining to how to enhance these skills, and finding mentors that can bequeath these skills to you in addition to offering you guidance beyond what can be gleaned from educational books or videos.

Experiential learning is perhaps the utmost efficacious way for someone to proficiently master a high-income skill, since theoretical learning is far less conducive to cultivating long-term memories than pragmatically applying knowledge through firsthand experiences. Someone interested in mastering the trade of copywriting, for instance, can watch copywriting video tutorials on YouTube, can listen to insightful audiobooks via raksBooks, and can read educational ebooks via Kindle Unlimited.

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1 hr and 21 mins

Narrated by

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