How to Analyze People Like Sherlock Holmes audiobook cover art
How to Analyze People Like Sherlock Holmes Audiobook

How to Analyze People Like Sherlock Holmes Audiobook


by Patrick Lightman

  • Narrated by: David B. Farrell
  • Length: 4 hrs and 8 mins
  • Release date: 09-06-19
  • Language: English

Boost your nonverbal intelligence and unlock what every body is saying.

Ever since has the ability to decode the human behavior been one of the most powerful skills to truly look behind the curtains of people’s true intentions. The knowledge about nonverbal communication and “speed reading” people are decisive factors to truly understand people’s deepest dreams and needs. This audiobook shows how you can benefit from it.

Whether you want to negotiate a better salary, impress your date, or improve your sales skills, this audiobook will be your blueprint to achieve it.

This boxset includes the ultimate audiobook-duo to decode emotions and human behaviors, avoid hidden pitfalls, and spot deceptive behaviors. It also includes a multitude of practical DIY-exercises to effectively put your knowledge into action.

What you’ll discover:

  • Eye opening insights how speed reading and rapid deduction really work
  • What the eyes, a finger, or a foot unconsciously reveal
  • Why the face is the worst place to assess a person’s true feelings
  • Lots of case studies and practical exercises in each csection
  • Nonverbals that reveal your confidence and true sentiments

You’ll attain an understanding of human behavior that sets you apart from the majority giving you an unfair advantage in social interactions. No more doubt if the interview went great, if she really liked the date, if it really was the best offer.

Don’t wait any longer and get this audiobook now.

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Patrick Lightman

Narrated by

Brandon Woodall, David B. Farrell


4 hrs and 8 mins

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