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How to Analyze People Audiobook

How to Analyze People Audiobook


by Patrick Lightman

  • Narrated by: David B. Farrell
  • Length: 2 hrs and 8 mins
  • Release date: 03-11-19
  • Language: English

Develop a laser-focused mind, unlock rapid deduction skills, uncover personality types on the spot, and instantly read people’s mind. 

While no audiobook can ever keep up to such high-flying promises, a good audiobook should bring you for sure a step closer to your goals. And yes, this audiobook will for sure keep that promise!

How did we go about it? Simply by modelling the arguably greatest mind in the history of detective stories. While modelling a fictive figure can only bring you so far, we continued our research and dug deep into cognitive psychology, mindfulness techniques, behavioral science, critical thinking, and much more. 

Instead of boring you with scientific facts and figures, we then condensed our findings into simple, pragmatic, and actionable pieces of advice for you. And yes, following the practical step-by-step advice will bring you a huge step closer toward developing a laser-focused mind, rapid deduction skills, and finely honed people-analysis skills.

  • Sharpen your awareness to keep track of each and every detail: Get inside the mind of Sherlock Holmes and discover simple yet decisive techniques to sharpen your mental skills and instincts.
  • Adopt Holmes’ deductive superpower: Understand the theory of deduction and how you can assimilate his deductive superpower with a step-by-step deduction process.
  • Quickly assess personality types to avoid misinterpretations: Understand different personality types and their consequences on effective deduction and analysis of other people and their intentions.
  • Discover a secret blueprint to instantly analyze people and their intentions: Learn a secret method to analyze people on the spot in the most effective and efficient way. While this secret method is based on tons of scientific research, we bring you the condensed and holistic approach as one checklist-based method for you to be applied in any situation at any given time. 

Because theory without practice is worthless, each section incorporates our proven DIY OTDR (observe-think-deduct-reflect) experiments to put your knowledge into action.

This audiobook will finally give you the tools and step-by-step advice you always wanted to analyze people like Sherlock Holmes.

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Patrick Lightman

Narrated by

David B. Farrell


2 hrs and 8 mins

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