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Help! My Job Sucks Audiobook

Help! My Job Sucks Audiobook


by Richard Lowe Jr

  • Narrated by: Stevie Puckett
  • Length: 41 mins
  • Release date: 04-21-16
  • Language: English

Is there such a thing as the perfect job? I’m sure we each have our own definition of perfection in the workplace. Some people prefer to work in the great outdoors, others enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of an office in a skyscraper, and some enjoy working out of an RV.

A characteristic that creates a pleasant work environment is the belief that the company cares, the boss listens, and there is a chance to get ahead and, perhaps, get a raise or promotion. Being taken advantage of often causes the perfect job to become dreary and tedious. Like most of us, I’m sure, bosses have made promises to me in the past to get extra work and longer hours and then reneged when the time came to pay up.

Regardless, sometimes conditions conspire to make the regular trek to a job feel like a trip through Dante’s Inferno. Sometimes, these are out of our control, such as a malicious manager or incompetent colleague. On the other hand, we can take control of our lives and workplace and improve our situation.

Get this book to learn what you can do when your job sucks.

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Richard Lowe Jr




41 mins

Narrated by

Stevie Puckett

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