Hellfire - What She Doesn't Know Audiobook By Third Cousins, Stacia Ford cover art
Hellfire – What She Doesn’t Know Audiobook

Hellfire – What She Doesn’t Know Audiobook


by Third Cousins

  • Narrated by: Nikki Diamond
  • Series: Hellfire, Book 1
  • Length: 48 mins
  • Release date: 10-18-17
  • Language: English

Lucy has always known that she was different from the other kids in her home. Of course, it doesn’t help that she suffers from a recurring nightmare that wakes her up with a scream on her lips and sweat pouring down her back. The nightmare is driving her crazy. She’s too scared to sleep, she’s too tired to live and she feels as though it’s never going to get better…until Daniel shows up, that is.

Daniel knows why Lucy is suffering from nightmares. He knows that it’s because of the memories that she has locked away inside her mind. He knows this because he’s the one who locked them there. When Lucy gets in trouble and he puts the word out about her disappearance, he unknowingly starts a chain reaction that puts her in more danger than she has ever been in before. What will he do when his own brothers go up against him, and will he be able to save Lucy before it’s too late?

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Stacia Ford, Third Cousins




48 mins

Narrated by

Nikki Diamond

Release date



Hellfire, Book 1


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