Healing Your Inner Child and Achieve Your Goals Audiobook By Laura Jackson cover art
Healing Your Inner Child and Achieve Your Goals Audiobook

Healing Your Inner Child and Achieve Your Goals Audiobook


by Laura Jackson

  • Narrated by: Diane Ficarra
  • Length: 1 hr and 7 mins
  • Release date: 11-03-14
  • Language: English

Many people discount the impact that positive thinking can have on your life. Positive thinking works on a subconscious level and the brain is a powerful organ. The brain reacts to nerves and regulates the release of hormones into your body. These hormones can cause positive feelings and reward you for actions that improve your life. Positive thinking can therefore set you on a course for continued success and happiness and can therefore add to your overall quality of life as a result. It is one thing to understand the importance of positive thinking and another thing altogether to be able to implement a policy to set such a practice in motion. Many people need assistance in installing the practice of thinking positively and it is there that a positive thinking guide can help. A positive thinking guide can help to get a person started in different ways to think positively and can help to explain both how to view the world from an optimistic viewpoint and provide different examples of ways that you can do so. Examples include putting your problems in context and enjoying the challenge and process of improving your life an the outside world in a positive way.

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Laura Jackson




1 hr and 7 mins

Narrated by

Diane Ficarra

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