Happy Puppy Box Set Audiobook By Charles Nelson, Jennifer Smith cover art
Happy Puppy Box Set Audiobook

Happy Puppy Box Set Audiobook


by Charles Nelson

  • Narrated by: Michael Hanko
  • Length: 2 hrs and 15 mins
  • Release date: 01-08-16
  • Language: English


Happy Puppy Box Set (four in one)

Included books:

Puppy Care: How to Choose & Raise a Healthy and Happy Puppy

Puppy Training: Complete Guide to Housebreaking Your Puppy, Crate Training, Obedience Training and Behavior Training

Dog Food Recipes: Healthy and Easy Homemade Meals and Treats for Your Best Friend

Essential Oils for Dogs: How to Use Essential Oils to Heal Common Canine Ailments and Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

A new puppy brings joy and wonderful companionship to you and your family. Once you add this bundle of energetic fur and fuzz to your family, you’ll find that you have extra reasons to be playful. It’s not all cuddles and games of fetch, however. Puppies need plenty of attention, and your puppy will be counting on you to show him how to live in the world.

This comprehensive box set features the best methods and step-by-step instructions on how to care for and train a new puppy. You will learn:

  • How to choose the puppy that is right for you and yours
  • Puppy-proofing your home
  • Basic care and feeding
  • Crate training and potty training
  • Obedience training for puppies
  • How to stop destructive behaviors

Many dog owners are making the switch from commercial dog food to homemade dog food due to safety and nutritional concerns. By listening to this box set, you’ll also learn:

  • What you should feed your dog
  • The types of food to avoid and the ingredients to use in moderation
  • Quick and easy recipes for dog meals, treats, jerks, and chews

Essential oils are natural oils extracted from plants. Recently, essential oils have started to gain popularity for use with pets. In this box set, you will discover:

  • The best essentials oils to use on dogs
  • What essentials oils should be avoided

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Charles Nelson, Jennifer Smith




2 hrs and 15 mins

Narrated by

Michael Hanko

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