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Hacking with Kali Linux: Penetration Testing Audiobook
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Hacking with Kali Linux: Penetration Testing Audiobook



by Grzegorz Nowak

  • Narrated by: Jordan Blom
  • Length: 3 hrs and 33 mins
  • Release date: 12-18-19
  • Language: English


Hacking is something that is taking over the world. With more and more people moving online and doing almost any task that they can there, it is likely that hacking and other similar attacks are just going to increase over time.

Our personal, financial, and business information is all found online, and this is a big goldmine for hackers throughout the world. 

It is so important that we learn the best way to take care of our personal and financial information and to make sure that we are protected against any hacking attack that comes our way. And working with Kali Linux to do a penetration test can be one of the best ways that we learn where the vulnerabilities of our system lie, and how to protect against a hacker using them against us. 

This audiobook is going to spend some time teaching you how to complete a penetration test with the Kali Linux system, and how we can use this to keep our own networks safe. In addition to working with the penetration test, we will also explore how to work with protecting our identity online, how to download the Kali Linux system in a variety of manners, and how to work with other hacking techniques so we can always be on the lookout against those who are trying to attack us maliciously. 

In this book, we are going to explore penetration testing, along with a wide variety of other topics that work with hacking on Kali Linux. Some of the topics that we will explore in this book include:

  • How to set up the Kali Linux operating system to work on your computer and the different methods to do it
  • How to work with the boot drive version of Kali Linux
  • What are some of the commands that you can send over to your terminal to get the best results
  • What are the basics of the Kali Linux network that we need to know before our penetration test 
  • What are the dark web and the Tor program and how can these help a hacker stay anonymous
  • What is the importance of the VPN or virtual private network and how it can keep the hacker hidden from view
  • What are some simple hacking techniques that a hacker could use against a network or a system
  • What are the basics and the methodologies of penetration testing
  • What are the stages that we need to follow to make penetration testing happen

There is so much that we can do to protect our own computers and networks and to make sure that no one is able to come onto the system and cause a mess by stealing our personal information. When you are ready to learn how to work on penetration testing with Kali Linux, make sure to check out this audiobook to help you get started!

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Grzegorz Nowak




3 hrs and 33 mins

Narrated by

Jordan Blom

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