Hacking Made Easy 1 Audiobook By Ash Publishing, Alexander Sycamore cover art
Hacking Made Easy 1 Audiobook

Hacking Made Easy 1 Audiobook


by Ash Publishing

  • Narrated by: Anthony Colby
  • Length: 1 hr and 34 mins
  • Release date: 09-23-16
  • Language: English

Interested in learning how to hack but don’t know how to begin?

Hacking Made Easy 1 will guide you through the process of hacking with some practical applications and prepare you for the second book Hacking Made Easy 2, where you will learn extremely useful hacking techniques such as how to hack a Facebook account, Wi-Fi password & even how to safeguard your very own WordPress site, which is a very important thing to know.

What can you expect to learn:

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to become a true hacker novice. This book is not all inclusive by any means. The first half of the book is dedicated to educating you on what hacking is, clearing up truth from fiction, bringing you up to speed on what to expect and giving you an overall picture of what the world of hacking is all about.

The second half of the book is the meat and potatoes. This is where we hold your hand and walk you through some scenarios you or someone you know are likely to encounter in which hacking can prove a useful solution.

Here’s an inescapable fact: hacking influences your life whether you choose to listen to this book or not. Your knee jerk reaction to that is probably something like “That’s garbage, none of my accounts have ever been hacked.” or “How could he know that?”

As you will come to learn there is a lot more to hacking than stealing data and electronic mischief. It is our hope you’ll find the following information useful and entertaining, but here and now I’m going to hit you with a disclaimer. Do not start this book with the expectation that upon completion you will be a hacker.

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Alexander Sycamore, ASH Publishing




1 hr and 34 mins

Narrated by

Anthony Colby

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