Habits: 10 Manifestation Habits to Create Abundance Audiobook By Creative Manifestor cover art
Habits: 10 Manifestation Habits to Create Abundance Audiobook

Habits: 10 Manifestation Habits to Create Abundance Audiobook


by Creative Manifestor

  • Narrated by: Sangita Chauhan
  • Length: 36 mins
  • Release date: 10-31-17
  • Language: English

Law of attraction – the secrets will be revealed!

A short listen with easy to apply practical tips and powerful knowledge that will help you in no time

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to use visualization techniques properly and effectively to achieve the success you want. More and more people have watched the movie titled The Secret, and want to know more about the law of attraction. Many people want to learn how to improve or change their life. Other people have heard about law of attraction, but they have no idea about what it is or about how it will be able to influence their lives.

But there is way more to the law of attraction as compared to feeling gratitude and just visualizing what you want. Gratitude and visualizing has a big role to play in attracting good to you. However, there are many other facets within yourself that need to be conquered before even starting to think about attracting anything and keeping what you attracted for that matter.

Are you tired of being stuck where you are?

Are you ready to make that change by using law of attraction to get what you always dreamed of?

Here is a preview of what inside the book:

  • The correct definition of the law of attraction
  • How does the law of attraction really work?
  • Common mistakes people do when using this technique
  • Ten habits to manifest abundance and quit living in scarcity!
  • And much, much more!

Take action today and get what you want by using law of attraction techniques! Get this audio guide immediately!

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Creative Manifestor




36 mins

Narrated by

Sangita Chauhan

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