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Goal Setting and Raising the Bar on Your Health Audiobook

Goal Setting and Raising the Bar on Your Health Audiobook


by Pete Cohen

  • Narrated by: Pete Cohen
  • Length: 30 mins
  • Release date: 01-28-09
  • Language: English


Imagine stepping out of your front door and not having a clue of where you wanted to go: you’d probably just stand there not knowing which way to turn or you’d wander aimlessly round in circles. This seems like a mad thing to do, yet so many of us amble through life in this way without any kind of direction or purpose. You can let life take care of itself and you may well be OK; but most people would like a bit more of a guarantee that life will not only be OK – but that it will be great!

It can be all too often that we finish the day, the week or the year and haven’t done the things we wanted to do because we ran out of time, we forgot or we just didn’t get round to it. But how is it some people manage to have a full, active life and still get everything they want done?

In this live presentation Pete Cohen, the UK’s leading Lifecoach, will teach you :
how to set realistic attainable goals
how to motivate yourself to get things done and enjoy it
that you are more capable than you think
that it can be easier than you think to get what you want.

Pete will show you that when we focus on something, we are much more likely to get it – whether it’s a job, a house, losing weight, being healthy or even having more energy and a happier life. By sending a message of desire to our brain, we start to make pictures of that and, in turn, we do what we have to do to make it happen. Rather like a builder has an idea of what a project will look like when it’s done or like a hairdresser knows what style they want to create before they start cutting, we can all design the future we want – and then go out to get it.


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30 mins

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