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Giving Up My Ass Audiobook

Giving Up My Ass Audiobook


by Veronica Halstead

  • Narrated by: Michelle Jones
  • Length: 1 hr and 45 mins
  • Release date: 10-14-19
  • Language: English

 So, you’ve had all kinds of sex with all kinds of guys, but you still haven’t given up your ass. How come? It’s all the rage now. This collection of six explicit first anal sex erotica stories tells about six gals who give up their backdoor for the first time and love it! 

1. “This Might Sting a Bit” by Veronica Halstead 

Andi is looking forward to her final physical therapy appointment and getting back to her active lifestyle. When she gets to the doctor’s office, though, her regular therapist isn’t there. Instead, she gets Graham, a handsome and very strong man. He’s a little rough with her, but he’s effective. In fact, by the time he finishes with her, she’ll get a workout in far more of her body than she ever dreamed of with very rough deep throat, rough sex, and her very first anal sex!

2. “Candy Striper Bent Over the Hospital Bed” by Kate Youngblood

What happens when an 18-year-old candy striper happens upon a patient she finds irresistible? How will she react and what will she do? In this case, what happens is a scorching rough sex encounter complete with deep throat and this barely legal hot young girl’s very first anal sex! 

3. “Laura Losing Her Backdoor Virginity” (The Lawyer’s Mistress, Episode Three) by Jessica Crocker

Laura is the on-call piece of tail for the successful lawyer Tony Maricks, and she’s growing accustomed to the role. In their last encounter, she had newer and stronger experiences as Tony showed her what it meant to be his, all his. This time, though, he’s short of time, and he goes for the one place he knows can get him off quickly: Laura’s tiny little virgin rear end. 

4. “Deirdre’s First Double Penetration” by Erika Hardwick 

Deirdre is a perfect example of a slut wife, but she hasn’t had the opportunity to prove it yet. She spends long hours with her vibrator imagining sleeping with different men. Don’t think she’s unfaithful – she loves her husband, but some women need more. The good news for her is that her man is perfectly willing to give more. In fact, he’s willing to get right into a wife-share with his best friend, and Deirdre is in for a big treat, an MMF threesome sex experience complete with double penetration.

5. “Seducing the Babysitter” by Erika Hardwick

Jen can’t help but stare at Jarvis and his wife when she babysits for them. One night, after getting the kids to bed, Jarvis gives this horny, barely legal babysitter some extra attention. She just can’t help herself, but the best is yet to come because Jarvis’ slut wife is absolutely ready to join in, and before the night is over, Jen will have a red-hot ménage a trois complete with her first lesbian sex experience and her first anal sex!

6. “Taken by the Help”

Holly has spied on room 234 in the posh hotel where she has been working for years, but she’s never come across a more alluring and beautiful guest than the heiress Emilie Perenee. She’s lovely, elegant, and graceful. She’s also in trouble. Her father has cut off her allowance and she’s faced with a hotel bill greater than most people make in six months. Holly watches in hiding as Emilie uses her incredible skills with her mouth to convince the front desk attendant she should be allowed to stay, but the real convincing starts when the hotel manager shows up with two muscular men. To stay, Emilie will have to endure a very rough and reluctant gangbang, complete with rough deep throat, rough sex, and double penetration!

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Veronica Halstead

Narrated by

Michelle Jones


1 hr and 45 mins

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