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Get What You Want Audiobook

Get What You Want Audiobook


by Tommy Mertell

  • Narrated by: Steven Morgan
  • Length: 40 mins
  • Release date: 01-22-15
  • Language: English


Are you tired of seeing other employees getting promotions and raises, or it seems like life is rewarding only them? Sick of seeing those certain people getting things you should have first? Is “why can’t I have that?” a constant question in your mind?

Personal Experience

I was there once upon a time. I remember how horrible it was during my teen years, seeing other happy families. It felt as though I had been cursed and that everyone around me had been blessed. The truth was I was not a socially inclined person. Raised in an abusive and neglecting family, I had a social stunt that prevented me from naturally clicking with people. It was during those teen years that a teacher of mine noticed my plight. He told me, “If you can’t figure out how something works by looking at it, experiment with it.” More than a decade later, I have developed a signature five-step method that has gotten me everything I want. I am an international ghostwriter with a wonderful son, living a peaceful life. I have exactly what I want, and this is the method I used to get what I wanted.

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Tommy Mertell




40 mins

Narrated by

Steven Morgan

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