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Gardening Organically Audiobook

Gardening Organically Audiobook


by Ivan Buchanan

  • Narrated by: Sangita Chauhan
  • Length: 1 hr and 11 mins
  • Release date: 02-28-17
  • Language: English

Stop feeding your family poison! Have you ever peeled a beautiful orange and found the inside dry and tasteless? Are you tired of supermarket recalls on bad fruits and vegetables? Do you wish for fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables to feed your children? Finally, learn how to protect your family’s health and serve crisp, colorful and safe fruits and vegetables by growing your own organically!

No parent would knowingly feed their children poison. Sadly, that’s exactly what is happening every day. Even the most caring and conscientious parent can’t fight what they don’t see. And yet, that’s what happens each time you place a meal on your table. The vegetables appear attractive and colorful and may even taste okay. However, it’s what is inside that is harmful. Yes, we live in a wonderful age. Life has grown much easier for us with supermarkets, microwave ovens and instant foods. However, all of this “convenience” carries a pretty hefty price. Think about it for just a moment and see if you can add to these:

  • Soil additives to increase yield per acre
  • Hybrid seeds that produce more visually appealing vegetables
  • Insecticides that chase away pests

And, think about it for just a moment – these are vegetables and fruits that are grown in the US with the benefit of government oversight. What about all the imported produce? The FDA will tell you that imported produce is regulated. If that’s the case, then why were we afraid to eat tomatoes and chili peppers in the spring and summer of 2008 because of contamination? We love getting things like berries, melons, fresh corn, and cucumbers when there’s three feet of snow on the ground. A hundred years ago such a thing was unheard of. Again, what’s the price?

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Ivan Buchanan




1 hr and 11 mins

Narrated by

Sangita Chauhan

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