Forget Me Not Audiobook

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by Willow Winters

  • Narrated by: Christian Rummel
  • Length: 5 hrs and 1 min
  • Release date: 02-06-18
  • Language: English


I fell in love with a boy a long time ago. I was only a small girl. Scared and frightened, I was taken from my home and held against my will. His father hurt me, but he protected me and kept me safe as best he could. Until I left him. I ran the first chance I got, and even though I knew he wasn’t behind me, I didn’t stop. The branches lashed out at me, punishing me for leaving him in the hands of a monster. I’ve never felt such guilt in my life.

Although I survived, the boy was never found. I prayed for him to be safe. I dreamed he’d be all right and come back to me. Even as a young girl I knew I loved him, but I betrayed him. Twenty years later, all my wishes came true. But the boy came back a man. With a grip strong enough to keep me close and a look in his eyes that warned me to never dare leave him again. I was his to keep after all. Twenty years after leaving one hell, I entered another. Our tale was only just getting started. It’s dark and twisted.

But that doesn’t make it any less of what it is. A love story. Our love story.

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5 hrs and 1 min


Forget Me Not, Book 1

Narrated by

Christian Rummel, Erin Maguire


Willow Winters


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