First Time Feminized Audiobook By Alyson Belle cover art
First Time Feminized Audiobook

First Time Feminized Audiobook


by Alyson Belle

  • Narrated by: Juliana Solo
  • Length: 1 hr and 22 mins
  • Release date: 09-23-19
  • Language: English

Don’t say things you don’t mean, unless you like the idea of ending up cute, feminized, and ready to party….

When Charlie’s friend Vanessa crashes his gaming party and whines about the boys never wanting to have a night on the town, Charlie shoots back that he’d love to go out if he could get the kind of romantic attention she does for just one night. Without missing a beat, Vanessa offers to give him just that chance and see just what it’s like to be a gorgeous girl on the town. With his soft looks and slender body, she thinks she could make him into a rather pretty girl….

Why not, Charlie wonders? It might be fun. So with a little touch of makeup and some borrowed clothes, Vanessa transforms Charlie into Candy for just one night – a night Candy won’t soon forget.

But Candy discovers that it’s not all fun and games as a girl when the guys at the bar start to get a little too handsy. How will she manage a totally new set of expectations? She’s going to have to adjust quickly to avoid her little secret getting out, or the consequences could be devastating….

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Alyson Belle




1 hr and 22 mins

Narrated by

Juliana Solo

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