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EQ 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Audiobook
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EQ 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Audiobook



by Lisa Goleman

  • Narrated by: Millie Green
  • Length: 10 hrs and 47 mins
  • Release date: 05-21-20
  • Language: English

Do you want to know yourself more deeply and discover how to use emotional intelligence? If you want to live a happy and fulfilled life, then keep reading…

The concept of emotional intelligence has become widespread in the recent past, especially owing to the scientific studies that proved that it is far more important than intelligence quotient (IQ) in dictating performance and success in life.

For a very long time, scientists and ordinary people had been wondering why people with average IQs outperformed those with high IQs 70 percent of the time. The missing piece of the puzzle as to why people with low IQs would beat those with high IQs in life is emotional intelligence.

This book is dedicated to helping you explore the various components of emotional intelligence and show you how you can improve at each of them. It discusses the role of emotional intelligence and self-discipline at home and in the workplace and helps you identify simple ways to go from low EQ to high EQ.

Inside, you will discover:

  • What emotional intelligence is, and why rise your EQ is so important
  • How emotional intelligence affects your relationships and your work
  • What is the importance of empathy
  • How to manage and reduce energy vampire
  • What is the root cause of anxiety, fear, worry, phobias, and related emotions
  • How to know other people’s emotions with ease
  • What are relaxation activities that will undoubtedly help you to calm down your emotions any time
  • How to leverage the power of CBT to neutralize our fears, anxieties, worries, phobias, and more
  • How to calm down, rewire/retrain your amygdala and cerebral cortex
  • What are the 10 secret strategies that will make all the above even more effective
  • And much more…

Indeed, emotional intelligence can put you on the highway to success by teaching you how to take more control or charge over your emotions. And this audiobook uses simple, easy-to-follow, beginner-friendly language to help you achieve just that.

If you have been struggling to understand where your emotions fit in your life, this audiobook will help you.

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Lisa Goleman




10 hrs and 47 mins

Narrated by

Millie Green

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