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Enneagram Trasformations Audiobook
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Enneagram Trasformations Audiobook

$19.95 $4.99


by Donnel Couton

  • Narrated by: Florin
  • Length: 6 hrs and 9 mins
  • Release date: 03-19-20
  • Language: English


The soul and the spirit are fundamental parts of our being and our life. If these elements are not in harmony and you are sick, you have to be able to balance them, but to really do it, you need to know and face yourself. Thanks to the development of the enneagram – a model of nine interconnected personality types that helps identify habits and defects – we can change ourselves or others.

This audiobook will help you to study the right transformation through the enneagram. It will be your guide to grow spiritually and to help others change. Using words and statements derived from various personalities, this guide helps listeners on how to unlock their psychological pains and increase their strengths to increase healing, recover,y and tranquility.

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I know you are wondering: So what is the eneagram? What does it entail, and how can I understand it? How can I take advantage of it and improve myself? Is the concept too difficult to learn? Is it suitable for beginners? And are there any beginner mistakes I should be careful not to make?

This audiobook will answer each of these questions and more, covering everything from the essentials to advancement in a simple and intuitive language for beginners to allow you to start applying what you learn as soon as you put it down.

More precisely, the audiobook will teach you:

  • The basis of the enneagram
  • The key concepts and the nine personalities
  • Powerful principles you should adhere to if you want your spiritual process to increase and improve
  • Powerful ways to learn and harness the power of the enneagram
  • How to build the right mood for spiritual learning
  • And more!

Don’t let the opportunities pass you by just because you suspect you can’t learn everything you want to learn. You are never too old to learn new things and change spirit and soul!

This audiobook will show you exactly all of this using simple, beginner-friendly language to help you start applying what you learn immediately!

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