Endurance About Adversity: Overcoming the Odds Audiobook By Daniel Schutz cover art
Endurance About Adversity: Overcoming the Odds Audiobook

Endurance About Adversity: Overcoming the Odds Audiobook


by Daniel Schutz

  • Narrated by: Chad Shoppa
  • Length: 54 mins
  • Release date: 07-28-20
  • Language: English

This audiobook is about tough times going through the struggle and letting all the listeners know, yes we do have hard experiences, also things will not always go your way. But this audiobook allows you to come out of your inner self, relating to you on a deeper level.

There are some suspense, mystery and romance in this audiobook, but mainly it is a self help audiobook engaging the reader to listener their horizon and to think outside the box. Also to have a more positive mind frame and outlook on life.

I hope the listeners find joy in this audiobook and it teaches them a whole new perspective of life. I promise if you buy this audiobook you won’t ever regret it you will be intrigued and captivated. Thank you all for your time, god bless.

This audiobook uncovers a whole new world better than any movie you’ve seen in awhile with twists and turns drama unfolding at every corner. Things you never though could happen and unconditional love and mistakes never end well, letting you know we all go through similar things but eventually you will get through it never lose hope, never quit, never say never.

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Daniel Schutz




54 mins

Narrated by

Chad Shoppa

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