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Emotional Intelligence Mastery Bible: 6 Manuscripts Audiobook
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Emotional Intelligence Mastery Bible: 6 Manuscripts Audiobook



by Daniel Clark

  • Narrated by: Jim Rising
  • Length: 20 hrs and 15 mins
  • Release date: 11-08-19
  • Language: English

Have you ever wondered how to transform your life and get what you really want? Then keep reading….

As human beings our lives are driven by what we secretly, privately desire most. I am talking about the last thing we think about before going to sleep as well as the first thing we have in our minds just after waking up.

Unfortunately, 99 out of 100 people misread these signals, viewing them as idle wishes, ridiculous fantasies, or daydreams.

These people are dominated by their present results. They do believe they need some secret recipe to have a successful life.

Nevertheless, what they don’t understand is that they only need to look at what is going on inside themselves. 

Just few years ago I was struggling. My colleagues at work did nothing but coax me and convince me to work for them. And the story wasn’t better at home with my wife and children. I was their puppet.

One day It just came into my mind this was enough. I started studying myself and human psychology. I realized the problem was me and the lack of awareness.

I understood I needed a new approach to face life, people, problems, and, yes, the way to achieve my dreams.

So nowadays If I look in the mirror I see a new person. A better one. A happier one. A person who is able to build and keep relationships in a more proficient, goal-oriented, and successful way.

I quit my previous job – I now run my own business in the self- help industry. I changed not only my professional life but also my private one. I changed the way to look at people and improved my skills to get what I wanted from any relationships. I also lost 40 pounds. I am so happy and grateful now. But I still keep the curiosity to learn and improve!

So now my mission is to share my experience with others. This is why in this book I packed all my previous experiences, all my knowledge, and all the suggestions I would give to a friend who is suffering pains as I was few years ago.

With Emotional Intelligence Mastery Bible you will get not just a single book but six, including How to Analyze People, Accelerated Learning, Dark Psychology 101, Manipulation Psychology, Dark NLP, and Manipulation and Dark Psychology.

This book will teach you:

  • A practical approach to manage your relationships and get what you want. Including the seven main details you need to understand people and the right strategies and techniques to influence people
  • Two main weapons you need to build and strengthen in your personal growth arsenal as well as a practical approach to improve your skills
  • The essential background and knowledge about dark psychology to get started
  • Manipulation examples in our daily routine and a practical step-by-step approach to influence people using the 26 best techniques to analyze, manipulate and persuade people
  • The 10 best and effective NLP techniques from the main masters of NLP
  • How to not be victim of manipulation and dark psychology

You might be wondering, Can I make this book work for me? Even if you are in the most troubled and complicated situation, you will find here something for you.

Don’t worry, I will not just tell you to do something. I provide to you a practical approach that can help you.

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Daniel Clark

Narrated by

Jim Rising


20 hrs and 15 mins

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