Embracing Our Humanity Audiobook By Ryen Jeffries cover art
Embracing Our Humanity Audiobook

Embracing Our Humanity Audiobook


by Ryen Jeffries

  • Narrated by: Janae Carter
  • Length: 42 mins
  • Release date: 01-21-20
  • Language: English

Ryen, single mother of five, delves into the effects her traumas and emotions had on her life. Ryen shows how giving herself the room to be a human with emotions actually helped her process the emotions better and improved her relationships and social encounters. 

Whether we face our emotions or pretend to be a robot, they are there influencing our lives. She combats the theory that you just have to “get over” or “let go” of the scars of traumas to feel free. Rather, it’s better to allow yourself and others the space to feel their emotions throughout life, without the judgement of others.¬†Without comparing each others’ pain and, instead, honoring each others journey.

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Ryen Jeffries




42 mins

Narrated by

Janae Carter

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