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Egyptian Divinities: The All Who Are THE ONE Audiobook
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Egyptian Divinities: The All Who Are THE ONE Audiobook



by Moustafa Gadalla

  • Narrated by: Susie Hennessy
  • Length: 8 hrs and 29 mins
  • Release date: 07-11-19
  • Language: English

The Egyptian concept of God is based on recognizing the multiple attributes of the Divine. The book details more than 80 divinities (gods/goddesses), how they act and interact to maintain the universe, and how they operate in the human being – As Above so Below, and As Below so Above. 

This expanded version of the book consists of two parts with a total of 12 chapters. 

Part I : The All Who Are THE ONE consists of seven chapters – 1 through 7, as follows: 

Chapter 1: The One is ALL explains that far from being a primitive, polytheistic form, the Egyptians’ ideology is the highest expression of monotheistic mysticism. 

Chapter 2: The Divine Energies of the Creation Cycle 

Chapter 3: Manifestation of Neteru in the Orderly Creation Process 

Chapter 4: Understanding Names, Epithets, & Titles 

Chapter 5: Narration of Their Manifestations explains how the cosmological knowledge of Ancient Egypt was expressed in a story form. 

Chapter 6: Common Misrepresentations of the Divinities in Egypt 

Chapter 7: Man and the Divine Forces covers man’s place in the universal order; man as the image of the universe; etc 

Part II : The Roles of Most Recognized Neteru (gods/goddesses) consists of five chapters, 8 through 12, as follows: 

Chapter 8: Mystical Pictorial Depictions covers pictorial symbolism of the Nneteru; and how do Egyptian depictions reflect metaphysical concepts through the use of human figuration, animal symbolism, accessories, emblems, color, etc., as well as various action forms. 

Chapter 9: Most Common Animals and Birds Forms Neteru covers the metaphysical significance of several animal images such as that of the ass, baboon, beetle, Bennu/Benben, bulls, cat, cows [Mehet-Uret (Mehurt, Methyer); Hesat, Hathor], crocodile, dog, egg, falcon, feather, fish, frog, goose, hare, heron, hippopotamus, horse, ibis, lions [lion, lioness & twin-lions(Aker)], Phoenix, rams, serpents, stork, vulture, and winged sun. 

Chapter 10: Most Common Male & Androgynous Human Forms Divinities covers the metaphysical significance of several male and androgynous human form images such as:

Amon(Amen, Amun), Anubis (Anbu, Ubuat, Web-wawet), Apis (Epaphus, Hapis), Aton (Adon), Atum (Atem, Atom, Atam),Bes, Geb (Seb, Keb), Hapi (Hepr), Herishef (Harsaphis, Arshaphes, Arsaphes), Horus (Heru) – [also Hor-Sa-Auset, / Horsiesis (or Harsiesis), Heru-p-Khart / Hor-Pa-Khred / Harpocrates, Horus Behdety /Apollo and Heru-ur, / Haroeris/Harueris], Hor.Akhti / Horachti, Khepri (Khepera), Khnum, Khonsu (Khons), Min (Menu, Amsi, Kamutef), Nefertum – [also, The Triad Ptah-Sokaris-Nefertum], Nun/Nu/Ny, Osiris (Ausar, Usire, Asar), Ptah (Phtas, Vulcan), Re (Ra), Re Hor akhti (Rahorakhty), Reshpu (Reshef, Reseph), Sebek, (Sobek, Suchos), Seth (Set, Sutekh, Typhon), Sokaris (Sokar,Sakar, Seqr), Shu, and Thoth [Tehuti,Hermes, Mercury]

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Moustafa Gadalla

Narrated by

Susie Hennessy


8 hrs and 29 mins

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