Drug Addiction: Drug Rehab and Recovery Audiobook By Rodney Cannon cover art
Drug Addiction: Drug Rehab and Recovery Audiobook

Drug Addiction: Drug Rehab and Recovery Audiobook


by Rodney Cannon

  • Narrated by: Doug Haynie
  • Length: 2 hrs and 17 mins
  • Release date: 02-15-19
  • Language: English

In my audiobook, we will look at every aspect of the opioid epidemic from determining if you or a friend or family member has a drug problem. We’ll analyze the biochemistry of addiction to the psychological problems that can lead to addiction. Includes an overview of the most popular and dangerous drugs that cost the lives of tens of thousands of people in America each year, the emotional impact upon friends and family, as well as the terrible financial cost. Also, we will explore how to recognize an addict. 

No audiobook on this subject would be worth much if the subjects of rehab and recovery were not covered. I walk you through the treatment possibilities, the drugs, and techniques used during treatment and life after rehab. Detox and rehab are just the beginning of a process that will last a lifetime, and anyone who tells you otherwise has never confronted the demon known as addiction or is lying to you. 

Dealing with chemical dependency is not going to be easy, and for those of you who try, do not feel bad if you stumble many times along the way and have to try multiple paths before finding one that works for you. The road to recovery is usually one of trial and error, but people do make it. People do come out the other side. 

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2 hrs and 17 mins

Narrated by

Doug Haynie

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