Dr. Daedalus, the Devil's Army Audiobook By Mr. Philip Lee McCall II cover art
Dr. Daedalus, the Devil’s Army Audiobook

Dr. Daedalus, the Devil’s Army Audiobook


by Mr. Philip Lee McCall II

  • Narrated by: Matthew Lloyd Davies
  • Length: 2 hrs and 3 mins
  • Release date: 10-27-14
  • Language: English

London 1888, Jack the Ripper is on the loose terrorizing the citizens of Whitechapel. The Queen of England sends a mysterious agent to uncover the truth of the vile monster hunting England’s streets. The trail of blood leads to an even bigger mystery and to a darker enemy of the Crown itself. While on Mont Orgueil, Grace Flynn, a prisoner of both England and France, awaits her execution for a very long list of crimes. She is considered a danger to society and even the Holy See has proclaimed her an evil most foul. Her executioners proclaim her life of misdeeds and escapades has drawn to a close. Until a living myth named Dr. Daedalus arrives with an unorthodox offer of freedom. Grace’s redemption will be found through a journey skirting the bowels of Hell itself. She will face nightmares once thought to exist only in legend and superstition. A secret veil that hides things of the supernatural from mortal eyes has been lifted by the hand of the man who hunts them. Yet does he pose a threat to Grace as well… only Dr. Daedalus knows for sure!

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Mr. Philip Lee McCall II




2 hrs and 3 mins

Narrated by

Matthew Lloyd Davies

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