Double Trouble Audiobook By Jael Long cover art
Double Trouble Audiobook

Double Trouble Audiobook


by Jael Long

  • Narrated by: Jennifer Saucedo
  • Length: 57 mins
  • Release date: 11-12-14
  • Language: English

Jael Long’s signature rough erotica with a twist…

  • 1. Miss Cooper gets Tag Teamed: A Teacher/Student Double Penetration Erotica Story Miss Cooper isn’t one of those oblivious teachers who doesn’t see what her students do or hear what they say. When Eric and Josh can’t take their eyes from her cleavage, she decides these college boys are going to serve a purpose…
  • 2. Punished with Double Penetration: A Rough Stranger Sex Erotica Story Amber just got screwed by her roommate, Kelly, she left her high and dry with all the bills in the middle of the month with no notice. Kelly was determined to get even, so one evening she sneaks over to Kelly’s new address and loots the place. What she didn’t factor in, she may have the wrong address…..
  • 3. Double Penetration in the Parking Lot: An MFM Public Sex Erotica Story Alana knew she had to go to the game but was dreading it. Her best friend Karen was banging the Pitcher and was dragging her to the game for company. Once Alana decides to have a good time, things start to change. She meets a couple really cute guys in the beer line and they decide to throw a bumper party of their own.
  • 4. Taken by the Band: The Virgin’s Double Penetration Claire had already turned twenty one and she still was holding onto her cherry. Finally one evening her good friend Anna nagged her until she agreed to go out and party and hopefully get laid. According to Anna that would solve her attitude problem that she had acquired. Well along come Adam and Mike, both are more than happy to oblige her! We don’ think this was exactly what she had in mind…
  • 5. Blackmailed into Double Penetration: A Reluctant First Anal Sex Erotica Story Emily thought her past was behind her, hell it had been almost eleven years. Enter two temps, Mitch and Rick. They find out about her porn past and blackmail her into unthinkable acts. Hope the boys aren’t filming her this time!

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Jael Long




57 mins

Narrated by

Jennifer Saucedo

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