Dog Obedience, 2nd Edition Audiobook By Robyn Peters cover art
Dog Obedience, 2nd Edition Audiobook

Dog Obedience, 2nd Edition Audiobook


by Robyn Peters

  • Narrated by: Jason Sprenger
  • Length: 1 hr and 38 mins
  • Release date: 02-06-17
  • Language: English


Do you want to have a well-trained dog? Do you want to housetrain your dog quickly and easily? Would you like to have a dog who obeys your commands instantly? Would you like to train your dog yourself, creating a close and lasting bond? If you can say “yes” to even one of these questions, then Dog Obedience is the book for you. In this book by Robyn Peters, you will learn everything you need to know to accomplish these goals. Dog Obedience is the perfect book for people who are new to dogs and those who have limited experience with training a dog. It covers all the basics, teaching people how to behave with their dog and the skills they need to teach their dog to be well-behaved. In Dog Obedience you will learn how to housetrain your dog easily in just a few weeks. You’ll also learn how to teach your dog to sit, stay, lie down, come when called, and other commands. The narration is simple and the examples are easy to understand. Dog Obedience will show you how to train your dog using positive reinforcement techniques. You and your dog will bond and develop a closer relationship while you train. If you spend just 10-20 minutes training per day, every day, you can have a well-trained dog using these methods. If you love dogs but you don’t know how to train, this is the perfect book for you and your dog. You will learn so much good, basic information about training that your dog will thank you for getting Dog Obedience. Trained dogs are happier dogs. Try this book and you’ll see why!

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Robyn Peters




1 hr and 38 mins

Narrated by

Jason Sprenger

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