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Do the Opposite of Nothing Audiobook

Do the Opposite of Nothing Audiobook


by Nealey Stapleton

  • Narrated by: Nealey Stapleton
  • Length: 1 hr and 29 mins
  • Release date: 02-13-18
  • Language: English


You enter your home after a long day ready to just relax, but the first thing you see is a pile of clutter. Ugh. 

You head to the kitchen to get a snack or start dinner and the collection of random things on the countertops catches your eye. Ugh. 

You go into the family room to watch some television and put your feet up on the coffee table to relax…well you would, but there’s an impassable mountain of books, magazines, and paper in your way. Ugh! 

You go upstairs to get ready for bed and change into your pajamas only for this simple task to become a complicated, heavy-lifting process in which accessing what’s in your dresser drawers or closet involves a miracle. Ugh!

Every time a pile of clutter catches your attention or gets in your way (or trips you or embarrasses you or angers you), you think to yourself, “I have to go through this…but not now, because I’m too fill-in-the-blank (tired, busy, etc.).” That intention is as far as the organizing actually gets, and the cycle just begins again. 

Frustrating, isn’t it? 

What if I told you that busting through the never-ending sequence of procrastination and perpetual heaps of clutter was not only possible, but with the strategies in this audiobook, almost painless? 

What if I told you that one day (not “some day” but one day in the foreseeable future) you could walk into your house and all those debilitating piles of clutter wouldn’t even exist? That your home was a relaxing sanctuary you were proud of and where you could actually unwind? 

What if I told you that the days in which the clutter controls you are numbered and that soon you’ll be the one ruling the kingdom? Like royalty, like a boss, like a rock star, like a magical unicorn, you get the idea. 

Would you believe me? Maybe not. Would you want to believe me? Yes! 

That’s why you’re here. And I’m so glad you are, because it means that you’re a fighter.

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Nealey Stapleton




1 hr and 29 mins

Narrated by

Nealey Stapleton

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