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DIY Protein Bars Audiobook

DIY Protein Bars Audiobook


by DIY Made Easy

  • Narrated by: Ted Gitzke
  • Length: 44 mins
  • Release date: 01-15-15
  • Language: English

Are you looking for the best high-protein diet that can help you lose weight?

Many people love what protein bars can provide, but they can be extremely expensive. Often you will find that the protein bars you buy at stores are lacking flavor. Of course that isn’t a problem when you use DIY protein bar recipes to make your own. Making your own protein bars can be fun and easy, but first you need to know some of the best ingredients that should go into them as well as some basic recipes. This book will take you through the DIY protein bar process, allowing you to experiment with different recipes and understand why you may want to try your hand at making protein bars.

Seven Reasons to Buy This Book

  • 1. In this book you will learn the purpose of protein bars.
  • 2. This book will show you different recipes for DIY protein bars.
  • 3. In this book you will find out the answers to some common questions about DIY protein bars.
  • 4. In this book you will learn how to store any DIY protein bars safely.
  • 5. This book will teach you what protein bar ingredients are the best to include in your recipes.
  • 6. In this book you will find some protein bar recipes that don’t require baking.
  • 7. This book will explain some of the main reasons people choose to make their own protein bars.

What You’ll Learn from DIY Protein Bars:

  • What protein bars are and how they help
  • Why you should choose to make your own protein bars
  • The best protein bar ingredients to use
  • Protein bar storage and safety tips
  • No-bake protein bar recipes
  • More protein bar recipes
  • Frequently asked questions about DIY protein bars
  • Some final thoughts on DIY protein bars

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DIY Made Easy




44 mins

Narrated by

Ted Gitzke

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