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Discover Your Full Potential Audiobook

Discover Your Full Potential Audiobook


by Gautam Sharma

  • Narrated by: Don Hoeksema
  • Length: 2 hrs and 2 mins
  • Release date: 06-07-18
  • Language: English


Stop thinking of yourself as an insignificant human living in an unending planetary universe. Remind yourself, and always remember that within you is a complex, magnificent structure of 7 octillion atoms (7 followed by 28 zeroes). Think really, really big and know that electrons revolve around each of them. They make up your body and mind.

Consider the immense intricacy and magnificence of nature with so many atoms within you that are configured to make up your cells: Put together to make up muscles, tissues, and organs that build up systems. All these function harmoniously and smoothly to make body and mind function to solve problems and create some of the largest man-made wonders of science, technology, medicine, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, health, and wellness-related products and services.

All of us are made up of the stuff of the stars (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and iron: core elements which make up our bodies and the planets, stars, and galaxies). Despite being marvels of nature, all of us go about our seemingly petty, routine work with the perspective that the universe is not concerned about, or not mindful of, our presence. However, such a perspective is self-limiting, questioned by the other very rational point of view that the universe itself exists because of us, and for us, and we individually, in body, mind, and spirit, are as vast and complex as the cosmos.

In effect, the concept of the universe creating all of us has been questioned by the theory that consciousness is an immortal presence that manifests in our lives and manifests in all that exists in the physical world. Both in scientific and philosophical terms, the biological expansion of cells and expansion of energy create and sustain the universe and multiverses. The scientific anthropic theory is that the universe is constructed in such a way to admit and allow our existence. 

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Gautam Sharma




2 hrs and 2 mins

Narrated by

Don Hoeksema

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