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Discipline Your Execution Audiobook

Discipline Your Execution Audiobook


by Nicholas Mayor

  • Narrated by: Eddie Leonard Jr.
  • Length: 1 hr and 35 mins
  • Release date: 11-11-19
  • Language: English


Learn how to discipline your execution and achieve your big goals!

Do you stop when you don’t feel like doing? Does your motivation tank often dry up when you need it most? Is your life getting stagnant because you often fail to take action towards what matters? Do you want to see a newer way of life?

How would your life change if you can handle your most difficult tasks with surprisingly ease? Imagine beaming with confidence as you tick off your most important tasks faster! 

What if you get time to spend on things you love most without any stress or anxiety of pending work? Sounds too exciting to be true?

But it can happen. It’s all your choice.

It’s game of developing new mind-set and behavior and putting on new lenses to see the world differently.

Discipline Your Execution offers you a comprehensive guide to rubbish all your reasons why have you procrastinated so far, puts you on a fast track mental revival journey, and boosts your productivity to the next level.

In Discipline Your Execution, you will learn:

  • How procrastination not only robs you of your financial success and mental and emotional life but also decreases your age.
  • How to understand your own real reasons why you can’t maintain self-discipline and get going (everyone has unique reasons)
  • How to effectively use technology when you can’t control yourself
  • Why procrastination is not laziness and how these two are altogether different creatures
  • What is the secret to simplification and how to overcome procrastination master time management
  • How to beat procrastination by learning how to make yourself accountable for your actions
  • How to make the things easy and quickly scale it up to the next level
  • Why you should follow this process to crave your personal state of flow and tackle most challenging tasks with ease.
  • Why you should learn and embrace the art of delay – follow active procrastination.
  • Why you should bundle your “must-do’s” with your “should-do’s” and “want-to-do’s” and learn to integrate your life and work.
  • What is a simple practice of procrastination-free visualization to put you into big motivation and get going.
  • And much more…

If you value your time, are committed to make things happen, and if you know your life needs something different, then don’t listen anymore to your own inner critic. To follow a new way of living, you need to have a new mind-set, a new perspective, and a newer way of taking action.

Discipline Your Execution offers you a new way of thinking, believing, and finally, empowering you to take action. Therefore, don’t procrastinate any more.

Things don’t change until you take action.

Buy the audiobook today to build discipline and start getting things done finally!

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Nicholas Mayor




1 hr and 35 mins

Narrated by

Eddie Leonard Jr.

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