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Dirty Talk for Women Audiobook

Dirty Talk for Women Audiobook


by Scarlett Dalton

  • Narrated by: Audrey Lusk
  • Length: 1 hr and 17 mins
  • Release date: 12-10-15
  • Language: English

Sex is personal and individual for everybody. Some like spontaneity and sex games, while others want tenderness and foreplay to the tune of romantic music. Well, what about some dirty talk during passionate intimacy? For some it might send goose bumps down their spines; for others it makes them screw up their face sin disgust. But is it really that bad? And what if dirty talk does not have to be crude? What if dirty talk is essential for bringing passion to the bedroom, to ignite the hearts of partners, remove any restraints in your behavior, or realize your fantasies?

If said with the right tone of voice and suitable for the particular situation, dirty talk lines can enhance pleasure and open up the deepest mysteries in you. Is there a single man on Earth who can easily guess his partner’s fantasies hidden in the deepest corners of her subconscious during sexual intercourse? Maybe this is the exact reason why over 40 percent of women are left unsatisfied after sex.

This book has been written to help women open up and be able to feel and experience more than they have ever imagined. I will teach you all the necessary things about how dirty talk works and how it can be easily incorporated into your sex life.

There are over 200 dirty talk examples in this book, and I’ve separated them into three categories – seductive, saucy, and filthy.

You can choose to work up to filthy or get right into it. What category suits you?

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Scarlett Dalton




1 hr and 17 mins

Narrated by

Audrey Lusk

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