Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P" for Pain, Volume 3 Audiobook By Candy Kross cover art
Dial “L” for Lesbian and “P” for Pain, Volume 3 Audiobook

Dial “L” for Lesbian and “P” for Pain, Volume 3 Audiobook


by Candy Kross

  • Narrated by: Candy Kross
  • Length: 49 mins
  • Release date: 05-16-14
  • Language: English

I was wearing a mini skirt with a tight blouse, a white lace bra and matching white lace panties. I undid my skirt and dropped it to the floor. I unbuttoned my blouse and it also fell to the floor. I was standing in my bra and panties and heels. Victoria then reached over and in an almost robotic manner took off my bra and threw it to the floor, and pulled my panties down to my ankles and had me kick them off, landing to the right of me on the floor next to my other clothes. I felt completely vulnerable and exposed as I stood before her naked. I knew Victoria loved me feeling this way, which is probably why she had me do it in the first place as soon as I stepped foot inside her house. She turned me around and pulled the belt she had on around her waist off and tied it around my wrists behind my back. Then, she picked up a ball gag from the nearby table and forced it into my mouth and fastened it behind my head. Victoria then walked me over to a small door under her stairway, grabbed me from behind my head and took a handful of my hair and threw me through the small doorway. I landed on my hands and knees in the dark and pleaded with her as she closed the door and locked it with only me inside the dark small room. It was silent. I then heard her heels clacking again on the hardwood floor as she walked to the front door, opened it, closed it and locked it behind her. Then I heard her start her car and minutes later, drive away. So, here I was naked, bound and gagged locked in a dark little room all alone. I was terrified.

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Candy Kross




49 mins

Narrated by

Candy Kross

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