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Dead Hunger V: The Road To California Audiobook
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Dead Hunger V: The Road To California Audiobook

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by Eric A. Shelman

  • Narrated by: Eric A. Shelman
  • Series: Dead Hunger, Book 5
  • Length: 12 hrs and 24 mins
  • Release date: 09-24-18
  • Language: English

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Dead Hunger V: The Road To California

We used to believe that mankind contaminated the Earth through our use of oil, coal, and other non-biodegradable consumables and pollutants. We never once considered that the planet might one day contaminate us. But that’s what happened.  

More than a year has passed since an ancient gas started seeping from every surface of the planet. Nine out of every 10 humans have since transformed into walking dead creatures with an insatiable hunger for human brains and flesh. We, the survivors, are now food for the afflicted… and we are vastly outnumbered.  

So, while it would seem to be an improbable time for a road trip, don’t tell Dave Gammon that. 

Dave has fought alongside Flex, Gem, Hemp, and Charlie for almost a year as they struggled to survive each unpredictable dawn in their horrifying new world. Now Dave has a new mission: to carry out the plans he had made with his late sister, Lisa.  

He and Serena will forge their way from Whitmire, South Carolina, all the way to Dunsmuir, California, where Dave hopes to find his uncle – quite possibly his last blood relative. Dave is determined to find out whether his “Uncle Bug” is dead or alive… or something in between.   

But it’s a long way from South Carolina to northern California and with the hordes of walking dead between our group of travelers and their destination, it won’t be easy.

Our friends have no idea that a young goddess awaits them at the end of their journey…nor do they know whether her allegiance lies with the living, or the undead.

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Eric A. Shelman




12 hrs and 24 mins

Narrated by

Eric A. Shelman

Release date



Dead Hunger, Book 5


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