Dark Psychology: Toxic Minds and Difficult People Who Manipulate and Control Audiobook By Wesley Felt cover art
Dark Psychology: Toxic Minds and Difficult People Who Manipulate and Control Audiobook
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Dark Psychology: Toxic Minds and Difficult People Who Manipulate and Control Audiobook



by Wesley Felt

  • Narrated by: Shba Cochrane
  • Length: 12 hrs and 45 mins
  • Release date: 07-27-20
  • Language: English

Title one:

Ah, emotion. Emotion, that thing that gives flavor and spice to the bland meal of existence, turning it into the dish of life. But how much do you really know about these seasonings your using? Emotional intelligence is quite important if you want your dish of life to fall more on the side of homemade then microwave TV dinner.

Continuing in emotion, we have that vengeful, possessive emotion known as jealousy. Why do we have this emotion, and why does it seem to be stronger in women? In women, jealousy is linked with something called mate guarding. This isn’t to say that men don’t get jealous, they do, and it can be just as strong as a woman’s, but they experience it in a different way. This book explains those details.

This book will teach some of the more vital pieces of knowledge when it comes to these things. Within this book, there are also topics on hypnosis and deception. So stop reading this and start listening to the audiobook! 

Title two:

Relationships are full of both good and bad, this book will teach you about some of the bad and how to either fix it, or if serious enough, how to ditch the relationship. First off, remember, relationships are not always romantic or sexual, there are friendships, relationships with coworkers, relationships between family members, etc. Now jealousy can, and does, happen quite frequently in all of these relationships. Jealousy has different forms depending on the relationship, if it’s in the workplace then it can be because you were promoted and they weren’t, and so they may give you the cold shoulder or become more passive aggressive toward you.

It explains deception, various sales approaches, protecting yourself from NLP mind control, seduction, and pathology, among others. Relationships are a part of everyone’s lives guaranteed. So why not enter armed with knowledge? All you have to do is listen to this book. 

Title three:

CBT for cognitive behavior therapy is a popular form of psychotherapy, it has been used to treat several different mental disorders as well as physical pain. How does it do this and what has it been known to treat? This book will answer those questions along with other questions about subjects, such as: How do I protect my children from online predators? Or what is it we should do when it comes to flirting and keeping a relationship intact? This book answers questions like those by covering topics like these:

  • Characteristics of cognitive behavior therapy.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy methods for bipolar, OCD, anxiety, insomnia.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy can help back pain.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy is also capable of helping with fibromyalgia.
  • Internet-based cognitive behavior therapies.
  • Statistics about online predators and preventive measures parents must take.
  • Pick-up lines.
  • Flirt successfully by demonstrating an imaginative way with words.
  • Humor in flirting.
  • Various ways to create trust in a relationship.
  • Learn about various errors partners make who are falling out of love so that you can avoid them. 

Most people either have or know someone who has one of the various difficulties that were described above. This book will be able to help you and those you care about, and who doesn’t want to improve their romantic life? So buy the book and start improving your life.

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Wesley Felt




12 hrs and 45 mins

Narrated by

Graham Parker, Shba Cochrane

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